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Magic In Your Life

Nov 9, 2018

Welcome to episode four of the Magic in your Life podcast with your host, Rod Wayne.  We as humans have a strong desire to go after our dreams. In this podcast Rod’s goal is to inspire you to overcome the limiting beliefs in your life, and help you to live with more purpose.

In this episode Rod tells the story of how he went from working at his dad’s construction company to starting a career as a clown and magician overnight.  Rod also answers a few questions that have come up since the release of the prior episodes.

Rod shares with you:

  • How he first got into magic and clowning
  • The importance of pursuing your goals and passions
  • The basic clowning and magic skills he developed as a child
  • The resources he used to become inspired and learn about magic
  • How having a mentor or coach can be critical to believing in yourself
  • That sometimes to help other people, you have to be vulnerable


Rod wants to inspire you to find the passions that you have and go after them.  To chase them and give your whole life to them. Put in the hours and then look back at the memories, and be happy that you had a the courage to pursue your passions.